Sync Saved Files & Reports Between Devices


Report syncing is here!

Walking Farms® and profiles will now sync between devices.  This means, if you install the app on more than one device or get a new device, you will still be able to access the same saved files and reports between all of them.

In order to access syncing, you will need to have version 4.3.1 (Cinnamon) or higher on Apple, and 4.2.1 (Cinnamon) or higher on Android.

How It Works

We recognize your unique user for syncing reports based on the email address set up in your profile. When you login to the app, you will be asked to confirm your email address.  Make sure to use the same email addresses on all devices you wish to sync.


I’m not seeing the reports I saved on my other device.

  1. Make sure that both devices have a version of the application that is compatible with cloud syncing: 4.3.1 (Cinnamon) or higher on Apple, and 4.2.1 (Cinnamon) or higher on Android.
  2. Go to Settings > My Information and make sure you have the same email address entered on both devices
  3. Make sure you have the same application installed on both devices. Reports will not sync between different applications, even if both apps are developed by Red Shed

Can I open the farm on more than one device at the same time?

Cloud syncing is not designed for multi-user (team) use.  We recommend only using the application on one device at a time.

Can I sync saved reports between Apple and Android?


I’m trying to open a saved report, and am receiving a message that I don’t have a network connection.

Saved files now sync to a remote server to allow you to access them from more than one device.  Each time you open a report, it’s pulled down from the remote server to your device, and not saved to the device itself. As such, you do need to have a connection (cellular network or wifi) in order to access them.

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