iOS 11 Update

Update coming for
Apple Users Only!

Apple released its new operating system update (iOS 11) starting Sept 19th! Have you updated to iOS 11 yet?

Apple is still working out a few kinks with this release and their update might cause a few hiccups on your app.

What might happen?

You may experience an app crash when you access these screens:
Neighbors, Transaction History, Comparable Sales

The Good News!

A fix for this is waiting in the App store’s queue, and should be available in the next few days. Please make sure when you update your device to iOS 11, you also download the update for your app.

In the Mean Time…

If you “export” or “share” the report to email or another program on your device, you’ll be able to view the Neighbors, Transaction History & Comparable Sales.

Look for the “Share” icon shown below in your app. Selecting this will let you email files & reports or store them to other programs on your device.

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