iOS – How to Download an Application on iPhone, iPad

  1. Locate the “App Store” on your device (if you cannot find it, press the Home button twice and search for “App Store” )
  2. Within the App Store, there are many ways you can select an application to download:
    -From the top tab, you can browse Top Free, Top Paid, or show apps by Release Date
    -From the bottom bar, you can browse Featured Apps, Apps by Category, Top 25 Apps, or Search for a specific app
  3. Once you have located the application you wish to download, click on the application name
    -To download, there will be a button on the right of your screen (Free/Price), tap the Free/Price button

    This button will then turn into an “Install” button. Tap the Install button
  4. Enter your Apple ID Password and hit “OK
  5. Once the application is downloaded, the icon for the new application will appear on your last screen of mobile applications

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