What is the criteria for Comparable Sales?
Comparable sales (comps) are generated based on criteria set by the data provider licensed by the Title Company.
They may be different from comps from desktop profiles for the same property.  For details, contact support@redshedtech.com with the application you are using.

What do APN, TMS, PIN stand for?
APN – Assessor Parcel Number
TMS – Tax Map Number
PIN – Parcel Identification Number

How many profiles can I save?
There is no limit to the number of profiles you can save in the application.

Do profiles expire?
Profiles do not expire if you have saved them to “My Files”.
Previous Searches (your search history) has a limit of 25 properties.

I emailed a profile and it is not formatted correctly (a big block of text)
Android devices offer a number of mail programs (a user may install any mail program on their device) and we do not have control over how this wide variety of programs may format the report.

Options for Android users: Save to Dropbox if that is an app you use, and then “share” the report from dropbox as it will have more predictable formatting. Alternately, try a different mail program on your device.

Apple only has one mail program (apple mail); so we can set that up with specific formatting. If you are an Apple user and your email is not formatted correctly contact us at support@redshedtech.com.

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