Android: Camera View Shutter Button is Always Red / Never Turns Green

Why does Map View work if Camera View does not?

The “Camera View” feature uses a different type of technology than the map GPS.  In addition to using latitude, longitude (utilized by map GPS), Camera View also uses a compass heading on your device  in conjunction with “property Geocoding data” to determine the property you are facing.
So, while your map may be accurate, the Camera View feature is reliant on your device’s compass heading accuracy as well as Geocoding technology.


Android: Why is the shutter button always red / does not turn green?

The shutter button is red when the application is trying to find the compass heading (as described above). Not all devices are equipped with a compass. To check if your device is supported, click here.


If you have checked everything above and it seems like your device, settings, etc. should be compatible with Camera View, here are a few other things to try:

  1. Android Compass Calibration may improve accuracy
  2. Opt for the Use my Location search if Camera View fails
  3. Open a support ticket
    If you experience an unexpected result, the following details will help us troubleshoot. Email with the following info*
    1) A Screenshot of the Camera View detail screen:   Hit the “i” button in the lower left (this brings up compass and heading information)
    2) Address of the property you attempted to identify
    3) Approximate date/time of search
    *Providing the details noted here is critical to troubleshooting.

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