Android: Camera View – Check if Your Device is Supported

The Camera View feature relies on an accurate “Compass Heading” on your device (in addition to GPS Data).  Not all devices are equipped with a compass.  To check if your device is supported:

  1. Go to //
    -Search your phone model in the upper right
    -Under Features > Sensors  check if it has a compass
    -In Features > GPS make sure it says Yes)
  2. If your device does have the Compass and GPS as noted above, it may be interference with objects such as vehicles, buildings, etc. affecting your ability to get an accurate heading. Recommended to use the feature outside, clear of interference.
  3. Make sure Location Services are on for your device
    Device Settings > Location Access > Access to My Location (on)
    Also make sure you have all location sources checked to help improve accuracy

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