Admin Portal: Adding Admins

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  1. Login to
  2. Select Admin Accounts
    If you do not see the “Admin Accounts” Option, you do not have permission to add them. contact us at for assistance.
  3. Select + New User
  4. Fields in red are required
  5. Username/Password should be provided to the admin so they can login at
    NOTE the system does not auto-email new users their information, you may use the template below:
    Security Code Admin Access for [APPNAME]The Admin portal is designed for you to track/manage use, and add/edit your sales reps as needed; allowing you to add additional Sales Reps as your team grows.

    Need Help? //

    Login at: //
    username: [USERNAME]
    password: [PASSWORD]
    (case-sensitive,You can change your password after logging in via “My Profile” in the upper-right.)

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